We decided to spend our last day back at Convict Lake.


The drive to Convict was beautiful… blue blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Dave and I got there first. We loaded the kayak and I paddled and he hiked. There were already three fishing boats in our spot.


No matter, they were in boats and we wanted the beach.


Our beach spot.

We had a couple of hours of bliss on the lake.



Dave might want to get his own kayak!


Already a tiny hint of fall color.



The weather started changing… fast!

A really strong wind started out of nowhere, a reminder of how fast the Sierra weather can change.

When it became obvious it wasn’t going away we decided we better pack it up. Dave and Chuck had to paddle back against the wind and now whitecaps.

It was a short fishing day but fun nonetheless.

Around the campfire last night we reminisced about our wonderful trip. I think Dave and I have converted Joyce and Chuck into Eastern Sierra lovers too, and they can’t wait to come back!