The worst part about RVing over in the Eastern Sierra is that we have to travel over a pass to get there.  Tioga Pass is the best choice; however,  it is still a nail biter.  Going over is worse for me because we are on the cliff side.  And the grade going down after we reach the summit is steep.  Which means coming back we have to climb that steep summit… towing over 12,000 pounds!  It doesn’t help that there is a sign at the start of the grade that it’s not recommended for big loads.



We have to go over those mountains!



This is the second time we’ve done it towing our RV, so I know we can do it.  But I still had a lot of anxiety.  Thank goodness Dave had a co-pilot.





The road takes a turn to the left and climbs up, up, up.


When we reach the Yosemite Park pay station the worst climb is over.  Now we get to drive the narrower road through Yosemite!



I guess Kari felt it was finally safe to relax.


She’s not allowed up front.  We have an ice chest on the back floor board in the center and she lays on that with her head on the front center console.




Yosemite was thick with smoke.  Add to that the remnants of the Rim Fire a few years ago, and it felt like we were driving through a very different Yosemite.




We made it home safe, unloaded and returned the RV to storage.  We are already looking forward to our next trip in less than two weeks to Nevada Beach.