We were camping at Nevada Beach.  Thursday morning I woke up early as I almost always do.  I looked out the window next to me in the RV and blinked.  Why did our truck look white… and the road too?  It was snow!

The temperature was freezing but I didn’t care.  I put on some warm clothes, boots, gloves and a beanie, grabbed my camera and went for a walk.



The steps to our RV.  See Kari’s nose in the bottom corner?  I couldn’t get her to come with me!






Oh my God… Everything was so beautiful!










I continued my walk from the beach through the campground and onto a walking trail.  It wasn’t long before my fingers were so cold I couldn’t feel the shutter button on my camera.  It was time to turn around.








When I got back I wrapped my frozen hands around a hot cup of coffee.  It took me a while to defrost but the scenery was well worth it.

We camp so much at the ocean that I almost forgot how much I love the mountains.  I’m so thankful we were there to experience this season’s early snowfall.  I’m also happy that by the end of the day it had warmed up and all the snow disappeared.



Dave sweeping the snow off our mat.