I was getting worried that they forgot me… Sonoma School that is.  But I got asked recently by three teachers to take pictures for their school projects and now I am feeling much better!!

Yesterday I took pictures for a 4th grade class project called The Best Part Of Me.  Students have to pick what they think is their best part and write about it.  I have them bring their stories out when I take pictures and they tell me why they picked it.

For example:


He picked legs.  Why I asked?  Because I can dribble a soccer ball.  “Then go get a ball and show me!”



She picked her back.  Why?  “Because I can do a back bend.”  Then do one.  “Really??”  Ahhh, yes!



Hands… because I can throw balls.  “Then go get a ball.”



Another leg guy.  “Start dribbling!”



Eyes… “Because they are blue”.


I had fun and I think the kids did too.

Today I get to go back and take pictures of two third grade classes for the project of “My Favorite Outfit.”

I’m so glad Sonoma hasn’t forgotten me… yet!