When we go RVing with other couples we have the dinners down to a science.

We take turns.  For example, when we were gone for five nights with Joyce and Chuck, I planned, cooked and cleaned up for two dinners and Joyce did two dinners.  One dinner was a BYO steak with one of us doing the baked potato with condiments and the other the salad.

When I was cooking this dinner for us at Nevada Beach Joyce yelled from outside sitting by the fire sipping her cocktail with her feet up… “Do you need any help?”  I said “No”.  She yelled, “GOOD!!

It’s nice to know that you get a couple of nights free from any cooking or cleanup.


9-26-17 Pork Chops

It was my turn.  Barbecued pork chops topped with fresh grilled pineapple with a drizzle of a Sweet and Spicy Sauce, sprinkled with green onions and cilantro,… roasted green beans with garlic, lemon and Parmesan cheese… and a rice pilaf.