Meal planning on our RV trips can be a little arduous at times.  I decide on a menu then make, purchase and pack it all trying hard not to forget anything.  But when we go to Seacliff… not so much.  We can walk to the nearby Pixie Deli for a breakfast burrito that is so large we have to share it.  While we’re eating our breakfast on the outside patio the barbecue has whole chickens spinning on the rotisserie getting ready for their delicious chicken sandwiches which we might come back and have for lunch.  Or we may decide to walk to Capitola and have lunch on the outdoor patio of another of our favorite lunch spots… the Britannia Arms Pub (the patio is dog friendly).

On this last trip we walked to Cafe Rio one evening and met Nancy and Bill for dinner.  The scallops I ordered was one of the best dinners I have ever had.  Ever!  We have also called in a pizza at the next door Flats Bistro to take back to our RV and enjoy while watching the sunset.

And since we usually drive into Aptos to rent a Redbox movie at the grocery store… if we did forget something we need we can pick it up then.

Maybe this is why Seacliff is one of my favorite RV spots.  Not just because we are right on the beach, but because I don’t have to worry about our meals (the most important part of every trip).



Our view while having lunch at Britannia Arms Pub in Capitola.



Dave and Kari. We’re walking to the Pixie Deli for breakfast.