Sometimes adding people to your landscape photo can make it more interesting.  I used to wait until everyone was out of the frame before taking a picture, now I often look for people to be included.


10-25-17 People in Pics 4

I loved the mountain background.  I told Dave to keep walking and waited until he was in the frame.  (But then I had to run to catch back up to him!)


10-25-17 People in Pics 3

This sunset was just so-so.  I waited (and waited) until finally this jogger was in the right spot.


10-25-17 People in Pics 2

This was our view eating breakfast at the Pixie Deli in Seacliff.  I thought for sure this dog walker would turn towards the ocean, but when she walked in front of the market instead, I had my camera ready.


10-25-17 People in Pics 1

You can’t go wrong with any Eastern Sierra scenery, but I loved that these two guys were in the right place at the right time… just for me!