About 40 years ago my grandmother gifted all her grandchildren some money and with it Dave and I bought a little fishing boat.  We got years and years of enjoyment from that little aluminum boat, but life happens and before we knew it we weren’t using it very often, then not at all.  So we had it stored in my Aunt and Uncle’s barn in Patterson and pretty much forgot about it.

Off and on we talked about selling it and suddenly a potential buyer appeared.  We now needed to get it and clean it up and see if the motor still worked!

Dave couldn’t get it started and brought it to our brother-in-law who knows what he is doing.  Doug got the motor started in no time.  (Thank you Doug!)

When Dave brought it home, now working… I said, “Let’s take it to the lake tomorrow and try it out.


11-14-17 Boat in driveway.jpg

Hooked up and ready to go!


11-14-17 Drive to Melones

On our way… looks like it’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL day!


It took me a nano second back in that boat to be reminded of how much I used to love going out in it.  Catching fish was always secondary to the relaxation of just being out on the lake and enjoying the day.


11-14-17 Dave Fishing

(Dave must really have high hopes with that BIG net!)


11-14-17 Judy Fishing

A good book and a lap warmer (and a Bloody Mary)… I’m content!


We weren’t on the lake ten minutes before I told Dave… “We’re not selling it.


11-15-17 Brenden in fishing boat.jpg

This is another good reason to keep it.


I guess I better go get a fishing license!