I had to laugh out loud when I read this Instagram post from Nicole last week.



Well… I think it’s genius!

Back in June I took pictures of Gio for his 4th birthday.  Nicole also wanted a few pictures of the three children together.  Ha!  Nicole and I just had to laugh, but it pretty much went like this…

11-20-17 Solari Kids crying.jpg


Fast forward to Friday.  I met Nicole to take family pictures for Christmas.  This is what I got…

11-20-17 Perfect Solari Kids.jpg

The PERFECT Solari children!


When they got out of their car Gio told me, “Mommy said we have to smile like this.”  I am sure in the back of their minds were those wrapped presents with the threat of them being thrown in the dumpster.

I’ll say it again… Genius!