I had the background set up and the perfect outfit ready to go.  I was watching both boys so I knew I would have plenty of time to get some six-month pictures of Logan.  But I guess I forgot to tell Logan what my plan for the day was and he wanted nothing to do with it.  And without another adult around to be my spotter for him, I decided to give up.  For that day anyway.

But hummm.  Brenden looked so darn handsome in his sweater and I just happened to have the perfect hat.  I decided not to waste my effort in setting up the backdrop and asked Brenden to take center stage.

I was surprised that he kept the hat on but I think he felt sorry for me in my failed attempts with Logan.  Kari was outside giving Brenden something to look and smile at and just like that… snap, snap, snap I got a few pictures of him that I loved.


1-17-18 Brenden 3


1-17-18 Brenden 6


1-17-18 Brenden 5


1-17-18 Brenden 2


1-17-18 Brenden 7


1-17-18 Brenden 1

You missed out Logan… these could have been of you.  But don’t worry…  Grandma doesn’t give up that easy!!