I can’t believe how fast time slips by me.  Somehow I missed posting Logan’s six and seven month photos.  But it’s never too late to start again!

Logan is such a happy little guy.  He loves watching his brother play, being outside and eating.  Don’t turn your back because he can get from Point A to Point B pretty quickly… without really crawling.  (He has that Army crawl down pretty good!)  If he is unhappy about something he has no problem being pretty vocal to let you know!

He always makes me smile.


2-8-18 Logan 6 mo.

Logan – Eight Months


Just for fun I pulled up old pictures of Brenden to compare these brothers side-by-side.  Brenden is six months old in this picture, and Logan eight.


2-8-18 Brenden & Logan.2

I LOVE my naked babies!!  Their looks are changing daily, but you can certainly tell they are brothers!