We are leaving today for a wine tasting event with a group of people and when Linda texted me with the dinner menu I had a choice … “Do you want appetizer or dessert for Friday night?”  I SAID DESSERT!!…  What was I thinking???

So yesterday morning I made Almond Amaretto Cupcakes.  Damn Pinterest!  They looked so good in their pictures.  With the cost of the ingredients I could have called my friend Laurie C. who has a side bakery business and ordered them… (and she makes the BEST cupcakes!!)

3-2-18 Cupcakes 2

This isn’t even all the ingredients.


I should have known I was in trouble when I printed out the recipe and it was on TWO pages.  First, there is the ganache.  I don’t even know what that is let alone pronounce it!  I made and refrigerated it as directed.  Next the cupcakes.  Butter, sugar, sour cream, almond extract, egg whites flour, baking powder, milk, water… say what???

Back to the ganache.  After three hours in the refrigerator it had to be whipped, then filled into a hole I made in the cupcake.  Well that was messy!

3-2-18 Cupcakes 3.jpg

I did sample these cut-out pieces… I couldn’t just throw them away!


Finally the frosting and a sprinkling of chopped slivered almonds.

I wish I could say mine look as good as the ones on Pinterest but they don’t.  Hopefully they taste good.  I couldn’t sample one because the recipe only made 24 and that is exactly how many I need.

3-2-18 Cupcakes 1


I still can’t believe I picked dessert.  I could have picked appetizer, slapped some cheese and crackers on a platter, thrown in a few grapes or olives and been good.