Yesterday I took mom on a drive to Long Barn to their cabin where Joyce met us.  Mom and dad have owned that cabin for about 43 years, and before that we used to go to a nearby cabin my grandfather built that is now owned by my cousin.  So this area holds many, many fond and funny memories for us.

It has been a long time since mom has been to the cabin and hardly ever without dad.  We had a beautiful day reminiscing, then lunch on the deck followed by a drive to nearby Pinecrest Lake.


4-27-18 Mom, Joyce & I


We had to laugh.  The only other people on the beach were three other ‘old’ ladies (one of which kindly offered to take our picture).

4-27-18 Three ladies @ Pinecrest

The three other ‘old’ ladies.

We’re looking forward to going back to the cabin when Linda can join us… maybe even getting mom back in a fishing boat!