Can you believe I still haven’t finished all the lessons of the Flower Art tutorial?  In fact, it’s been so long that when I do get  back to it I need to start it all over.  Again.

The biggest misconception I had about retirement was that I would have more time.  More time to do nothing.  Well that hasn’t happened.  Rarely… RARELY do I ever have a day on my calendar that is blank.  And when I do have that very rare day I feel a very strong need to clean house or do yard work… after all, I have a free day.

People that are thinking of retiring have asked me, “What do you do all day?”  HA!  Staying busy has NEVER been a problem!

~  ~  ~

I love the lines on a Calla Lily.  Below is my attempt at capturing those lines.  It is not the final image I imagined in my head.  I wasn’t able to achieve that because, well… I’ve never finished my lessons!

Maybe I’ll find computer time today.


5-31-18 Calla Lilly


5-31-18 Calla Lilly 2