Here we are in the middle of July and I still haven’t gone kayaking.  Well, that changed on Monday.  My calendar for July 16 had printed in in big and bold… GO KAYAKING.  Terri and Julie picked me up before 7:00 a.m. then we picked up Char.  Our guys weren’t too sure about us hauling four kayaks in the back of a truck the way we did, but hey… we made it without incident.


Now that I see this picture… it does look a little precarious!


But we weren’t the only ones that traveled with kayaks this way.



When we got to Pinecrest it was really smokey from the Ferguson fire.



Pinecrest kayaking vertical




Before long most of the smoke cleared and it was beautiful.




A day spent with Char is always a good day.



Selfie stick on the lake!

It was super fun ladies… when are we going again??