Yesterday and today will be the last days of working cattle on the Jackson Ranch… the end of an era of four generations.


I got this text from Nicole:

Just wanted you to know that August 28 is officially the last day of cattle.  It’s no fun anymore with mom gone.  Didn’t know if you wanted to come.  We will be weaning… separating them from their moms then shipping them off.

Of course I wanted to come!

This was Nicole’s post on Instagram yesterday with this picture:

Mom loved working the cattle and it just wasn’t the same without her.  Miss you mom!  Cowgirl sendoff!



Nancy invited me a few times to take pictures when they worked cattle and I saw first hand how much she loved it.  I took this picture of her one of the first times I went and now it is my favorite.

8-29-18 Nancy

Yesterday I took these…




Love you guys!




As Harris Ranch loaded up and drove off with the cattle I can only imagine what was going through Bill’s head.  I know it was a hard day for him.



When I drove away I waved to Nancy’s cross on a hill in the distance and told her how much we all missed her.  I cried the rest of the way home.



No more moo!

They will still be farming… almonds, walnuts, wine grapes, cherries and pistachios … but no more cattle.



Quinto Ranch… gates closed.