I really regret eating healthy today... said no one ever.


When I eat (and drink) whatever I want for a period of time my stomach literally feels like there’s a circus going on in there.  So after two almost back-to-back vacations with overeating delicious meals it is time for me to hit the reset button.

The Whole30 program is what works for me to get me back on track and feeling great.  Yes… great.

It’s not easy… NO sugar of any kind (read labels… sugar is in almost everything), NO alcohol, NO grains, NO legumes, NO dairy, NO baked ‘treats’… YIKES!!!  With that being said, I have found that we can still eat delicious meals that are Whole30 compliant.

It is strict for 30 days and after that you continue to eat clean (healthy) but gradually reintroduce the foods you gave up.

The first week is the hardest but it goes by fast.  Today is day four and already the circus has left town!


8-17-18 Whole30