Yesterday I had the entire day to get everything on my “To Do” list done.  Dave was gone and I had no where I had to be.

10-2-18 Why 2

First was Brenden’s room.  Not too much to do here.  Put a few toys away.  Oh oh… the crate I use for a toy box was in the back of the car because I used it for a photo shoot.  Gotta get it.  Oh my… the garage is a mess.  Let me pick up a few things in here first.  There were other things in the car I used for the photo shoot that needed to be put away in the garage.  These cabinets are disorganized.  Better straighten those out.

Back to Brenden’s room with the toy crate.  I think I’ll have breakfast before I start.  What are all these leftovers in the refrigerator?  Time to clean that out.  Now I need to empty the dishwasher so I can put the leftover containers in.  My salad spinner is almost empty.  I better wash some lettuce so I have some crisp for my lunch.

Back to Brenden’s room.  Found an ornamental pumpkin that needs to go back on the fireplace mantel.  My gosh this mantel is dusty.  Time to dust.  Might as well dust the entire living room.  And vacuum.

Back to Brenden’s room.  This old thing goes in the Thrift Store pile in the garage.  Those baby floats on top of my Thrift Store pile need to be deflated.  I doubt Logan will swim anymore this year.  Oh.  He’ll be too big for them next year.  They go in the Thrift Store pile too.  That pile is starting to get too big.  I better find a box to put it all in.

Damn… I broke a fingernail.  Off to get a nail file in my bathroom.  Why are these things left on my counter?  Oh… so I don’t forget to put them in the RV.  Where is my RV storage bag?  I used it to clean out the RV so I need to empty it before I re-fill it with what I do need.  Lots to throw away.  It’s garbage day today.  I better empty all the garbage cans to the alley.  I see the dog water bowl is empty.  Better refill it.  I might as well pick up dog poop since I’m out here.

Oh… I forgot to eat breakfast.

Back to Brenden’s room



Santa Cruz Boardwalk

I felt like I was just spinning.  I guess it’s good I got all those other things done, none of which were on my “To Do” list.  But guess what???  Today Dave is gone and I have no where I have to be!!!