Thank you Jana and Cindi for asking me to take pictures of your class for your My Favorite Outfit assignment.  I don’t know any of your 3rd grade students because I retired before they started kindergarten, but it didn’t matter.  I loved being around them and they had fun posing for their pictures.

I never realize how much I miss the kids until I come back for a visit.



Eli’s favorite outfit?  Obviously his hockey uniform!  I’ve known Eli from the day he was born.  His sisters attended Sonoma School and we got to know their mom well.  She would always bring Eli in the office and he would sit on our laps and spin in our chairs.  Every summer Char and I would take Eli to lunch.  I thought for sure he would have forgotten about me by now, but when summer came along he asked when he was going to lunch with Judy and Char.  When I walked into the classroom last week it didn’t matter that the teacher was giving a lesson.  When he saw me he jumped up out of his chair and ran to give me a hug.

Those are the things I miss.