I hate to confess but Halloween has always been one of my least favorite holidays.  I know, I know… there is something really wrong with that, but I’m just being honest.  I didn’t like dressing up and trick-or-treating as a child either.

Don’t think of me as a Halloween Ogar… I do have pumpkins on my front porch and we will be handing out candy tonight.  And I am looking forward to Brenden and Logan coming by to show off their cuteness in their costumes.

See… there is hope for me yet.  Maybe this time next year I will be posting how much I LOVE Halloween!


10-31-18 Pumpkins

I might not be a fan of Halloween, but I do love this time of year.


10-31-18 Brenden & Pumpkins

Brenden in 2015.  I need to get Logan to the Pumpkin Patch!