Friday I drove to Stockton to take Nicole’s family pictures.  I ALWAYS look forward to this because, well, it is a guaranteed entertaining photo shoot.  It is also a guaranteed challenge.

Getting a good photo of three young children at the same time isn’t easy.



I guarantee you he’s not reaching out for me!!  Look how perfect Natalie and Gio are.



They both wanted the top seat.  Natalie… still perfect.



Uh… Angelo… the camera is this way!  Natalie still perfect…



Someone is jumping for joy!


I guess it wasn’t challenging enough… so let’s add Tank… maybe Molly too!!



Natalie… I can’t see Molly’s face.



Tank… this is a photo shoot, kiss him later!



I think Tank has had enough.


On the drive home I worry that I didn’t get any photos they will like.  I always wait a day to upload them.  Then I thank God that there are some good ones.





I LOVE this family picture!

I am so glad Nick and Nicole wanted to add Tank and Molly into some of their family photos.  They are, after all, a part of their family and deserve to be included.  And when they look back on these pictures one of the first things they will say is… “Oh I remember Tank.  I loved that dog.”

Nicole… I love you and your family.  It is always fun to come and take pictures.

Confession: When I got home I did have a shot of whiskey!

Side note:  The next day I received a text from Nicole:  “I was asked to photograph a full family today… all I can say is God Bless you!!” 

LOL!  Yep, it’s not easy.  But it is so rewarding to know you gave a family memories in photographs that will last forever… even if they are not perfect.