Looks like we are in for a few rainy days, and wouldn’t you know it, we have an RV trip planned.  But I have my books packed and my list of movies to rent.  I am looking forward to hot toddies and some much needed quiet time.

If I were home on these rainy days I would feel the need to do something… clean house, edit pictures, get laundry done, rake leaves… the list goes on an on.  But when I am away it’s like I give myself permission to do nothing.

Here’s to the rain!


11-6-18 Big Sur Rain

This is another Big Sur photo that I saved.  I remember this night vividly.  We were in our tent trailer and it was a cold, rainy evening.  In case you don’t know, a tent trailer is canvas… so you pray it doesn’t leak!  (It didn’t.)

After a dinner huddled inside our cold trailer, we went for an evening walk around the campground.  I snapped this photo of Dave walking in the rain.  The light was terrible and the photo was blurry, but I loved it.  Maybe it’s a good picture or maybe it just reminds me of a wet, cozy evening in a beautiful setting.

I have to admit, sometimes I miss our tent trailer!

On second thought… no I don’t.