In this age of so many things fake… fake eyelashes, fake fingernails, fake salt, fake sugar, fake flowers, fake hair color, fake diamonds, fake news, etc., etc. … why not create fake rain?

I was scheduled to take Mia’s Two Year pictures on a day that rain was predicted.  When I suggested rescheduling Leslie said she had an idea to take Mia’s pictures in the rain with her umbrella and boots.  GREAT…  I loved that idea!!  But then that rain storm turned into tornado warnings, monsoon rains and extremely high winds.  So we cancelled.

I went Friday instead.  Even though it wasn’t raining we decided to take some pictures of Mia with her umbrella and boots.  Leslie sprinkled the hose on her, but that didn’t show up very good in the photos.  That’s when I decided… I can use Photoshop magic to make fake rain!  They are so cute I can’t wait to edit the rest of them.



Mia loved Leslie squirting the hose on her… she kept saying, “Mommy more puddles” (at least I think that’s what she was saying!)


I won’t fake the rain in all the pictures… but I can’t resist doing a few.  Thank you Miss Mia for being such a fun subject and HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY sweet girl!