This is Buddy.  He belongs to Joyce and Chuck.  A while back there was an ad in the Don Pedro newsletter of someone looking for a home for this sweet ol’ boy.  The owner passed away and his wife had to take a second job and move into a small apartment.  She loved Buddy and as hard as it was for her to adopt him out she felt that was the best thing for Buddy.

Joyce, soft heart that she is, decided to take Buddy until she could find another home for him.  Another family finally came to the rescue.  But then one day Joyce got a call from the Animal Shelter that the family dropped off Buddy.  They decided they couldn’t keep him after all.  Joyce rushed to pick him back up, and even though another big dog was not something she wanted, they kept him.

He is one lucky dog.  He has loving parents that take him everywhere… cabin, camping, fishing, walking and he has a wonderful big yard to roam around in at Don Pedro.  Joyce has kept in touch with Buddy’s original owner and she is thrilled that he has found his forever home.

Bless you Joyce and Chuck for saving this sweet ol’ boy.


2-4-19 Buddy

Buddy… one lucky dog!