When Mia started out a little shy with me for her two year photo shoot Leslie said, “She likes to pretend to put on makeup with me.  Let’s start there to have some fun.” 

These actually turned out to be my favorites.  I love the strong mother/daughter connection in these pictures.  And did it work to get Mia warmed up to me?  Yes it did.  She was the perfect little model for the rest of the shoot.

Thank you Leslie for coming up with this idea!


8C3A1176 B&W


8C3A1177 B&W


8C3A1181 B&W


8C3A1187 B&W


8C3A1195 B&W


8C3A1201 B&W


8C3A1215 B&W


8C3A1235 B&W


8C3A1207 B&W


8C3A1244 B&W