Yesterday while checking out at Trader Joe’s the cute, young checker in his Hawaiian Trader Joe’s shirt asks the obligatory question while starting to check my groceries:  “Hi, how are you doing this morning?”

I paused because here’s what I really wanted to say (as my eyes started to well)… “Not good.  A good friend just died, my great-nephew has just been diagnosed with leukemia, and I am missing my dad because today is his birthday.”

But instead I looked at him and asked, “Does anyone ever tell you how they are REALLY doing?”  

He stopped checking and looked at me.  I know he saw tears starting to form and immediately I was embarrassed.  He said, “Oh God yes.  You wouldn’t believe the stories I hear… it’s like opening a can of worms!”

We both just started laughing and I said, “I’m good, thank you… and how are you doing today?” 

“I’m doing GREAT!  Would you like a fork for your salad?”


And about Collin… Kimberly brought him to Children’s Hospital in Madera on Friday.  He has been complaining of pain on and off for quite a while and his doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  The doctors at Children’s Hospital ran tests, and yesterday it was confirmed that he has leukemia.   The type of leukemia he has is curable and for that we are thankful and hopeful.  He may start chemotherapy as early as today.

Please add him to your list if you put your hands together at night.