One of the first things we do when I have the boys is to have a meeting and plan what we want to accomplish for the day. They take turns telling me what they want to do, I write them down then we cross them off as the day progresses.

Snack time“, “lunch time” and “play time” are always on the top of their list. Yesterday they added “ride scooters to Gigi’s“, “art“, “yard work” (actually, I added that!), “quiet time” (I added that too!!), and “sit in the spa“.

Brenden takes this list very seriously!

We didn’t accomplish everything on the list… we never do. Sit in the spa was a high priority. Thankfully it was a beautiful day to pull up a chair and enjoy this time outside watching them.

Kari NEVER leaves their side!
It always starts out so calm and loving…
but I raised two boys, so I am well aware that “calmness” NEVER lasts!

Let’s just say I had to add water to the spa after they got out!