A few weeks ago Joyce and mom took a drive up Del Puerto Canyon to see the damage from the August fire and, well, just for something to do! They came across a spring water site where you could fill your water jugs for free with healthy drinkable water.

Tuesday Mom, Joyce and I took the same drive, but this time they had their water jugs with them.

“It’s just before you get to Frank Raines Park.”

Well we arrived at Frank Raines Park.

“How the hell did we miss it?”

We all admitted we were looking at the scenery on the right side of the canyon instead of looking for the spring water site on the left. So we turned around to backtrack. There was no cell service so we couldn’t Google map it.

“It’s gotta be just around the corner.” (Heard that at least 20 times!) “I am POSITIVE it was before Frank Raines Park.” (Said by both mom and Joyce.)

We drove and drove and drove until finally… nope, we didn’t come across it… we were all the way back to the freeway!

We decided to drive a little further towards Patterson until we had cell service. When we could finally look it up guess what?? Adobe Springs was PAST Frank Raines Park! (I don’t know what mom and Joyce were smoking the day they took their drive!!)

“Do we turn around and go back up the canyon again?“I’m not going home without water!” “We have nothing else to do!”

So back up the hill we went… 20 miles of narrow, rough, curvy road. And guess what? Just two miles PAST Frank Raines Park we finally found Adobe Springs.

Going anywhere with Joyce is always a fun adventure!

The entire drive we were surrounded by the devastation from the fire. Beautiful Del Puerto Canyon. (How many Patterson High alumni used to drive up there to “park”???)