Saturday Dave and I went to Joyce’s in Don Pedro. Dave and Chuck took the boat fishing and Joyce and I went hiking. I was so happy to have Kimberly and the boys join us. They have had to be extremely careful with Collin so they do very little outings. I’m sure it was nice for them to have a taste of normal… I know it sure was for me.

And with all outings with Joyce this one was an adventure as well. Kim and Collin turned back part way through as not to overdo it, but Joyce, Micah and I ventured forward. Next thing you know Joyce said, “It would probably be closer now to just hike to my house instead of backtracking to our car.” So we continued onward… and onward… and onward until Joyce finally admitted that the trail back to her house was further than she thought and we would have to climb through two barbed wire fences! All the while Micah was saying… “Grandma, do you know where we’re going? We’re gonna die!”

Thank God there was cell service… I was able to call Dave and tell them to come pick us up in the boat!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day… the weather, the hike and especially the company!!