Send me a picture of Kari was the text a few weeks ago from my friend Lori.

My friendship with Lori started at Sonoma School where she was the contracted art teacher. (Best art teacher bar none!!) Fast forward… Lori now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she continues her art with commissions mostly from people wanting a forever memory of their beloved fur babies. Her work is fabulous. So when she asked for a picture of Kari I was overwhelmed.

Of course I sent more than one picture. “Which is your favorite?” she wanted to know. “You have the artist eye, Lori. You decide.”

A few weeks later when the package arrived I tore into it. A little bird squeal actually came out of my mouth when I saw Kari Lou’s portrait. It is BEAUTIFUL! It captures her exactly and I LOVE that it shows her snaggle tooth!

painting by Lori Snable

Lori asked for a photo of Kari posing with her portrait. If you know Kari, you know this isn’t an easy feat. If she doesn’t want to do something she will let you know (with the threat of a bite). But after about 100+ treats I finally got Kari to pose next to her painting.

She’s a little older now and her hair is cut a little shorter.

This is the photograph I sent of Kari that Lori chose to paint from.

I can’t thank you enough Lori. I have her portrait hanging so it is one of the first things people see when they walk into my house. Kari Lou is my little girl and this painting will keep her with me forever.

Check out Lori’s other pet portraits on her Instagram: @lori.snable.artwork or her website:

Maybe you want a forever memory too!