Natalie will be ten soon so Nicole asked me to take some pictures. We started in the cherry orchard then moved to their ATV track for pictures of Natalie with her dirt bike. Soon Nick and the boys joined us because, well, this is their play yard. Nick came in his RZR.

After pictures Nicole asked if I wanted a ride. Sure??? Nick asked if I wanted the wild ride or a safer one. I’ll take the wild one??

I was hanging on the minute I got in and never let go. I couldn’t hear him, but at one point he pointed at the speedometer so I could see that we were going over 80mph… thru the orchard! When he said wild, he meant it. But it was SOOOOO much fun and I had complete trust in him.

Thank you Nick… Let’s do it again!!

And thank you Nicole for grabbing my camera and taking these pictures!