The only ones up earlier than me were these fishermen!

The Saturday we were at Camanche there was a bass fishing tournament. Ron (who fishes in most of these) said it was cool to watch them take off right at “safe light”. He said he would take me to a point where we could watch.

But in order to do this we had to get up at the crack of dawn.

As it turned out the start of the tournament was much later than we anticipated, so we sat in the cold longer than we needed to. Oh well… what else did we have to do? Sleep in?… Be cozy in a warm RV?… Have coffee????…

Thank you Ron. It was nice of you to get up early for me.

As I waited for Ron, I watched all the fishermen drive in.
And they’re off! I expected them to all leave at the same time… you know, “on your mark, get set, GO”; however, they draw numbers and take off one after the other.
No color enhancement in these pictures. In fact, I was tempted to tone it down. But the first light of the morning turned the landscape a beautiful golden color.
Ron and I weren’t the only crazies getting up so early. Joyce joined us. Adam, her son-in-law was fishing in this tournament.

Don’t think these tournaments are small events. The winner took home over $4,000!