Just as Jennifer and her kids left, more out-of-state kids came in. Levi and Skylar are visiting from Utah.

Wednesday I had the Holm side over for a family get-together, and of course we wanted to get a picture of Gigi with all six of her great-grandchildren. That sounds so easy, right?? Well, Emmalyn wanted nothing to do with it.

The bribe… Renee is contemplating… what will it take to get her to stand with her cousins?

Just pretend she’s Emmalyn! Our thinking was maybe if she saw mommy take a picture…

Well, that sorta worked but she wasn’t too happy about it.

Now we’re getting somewhere. We got her to smile! Quick Renee… run out of the picture!

Yeah… success! Don’t look too close or you will see Renee hiding behind everyone. You gotta do what it takes sometimes.