We had four kids join us on our Shady Cove RV trip (and their parents, of course)…

Did I say four? I meant FIVE!

The kids opened a salon and took appointments… manicure, foot soak, leg rubs, shoulder and hand massage, and they also provided a fan to keep us cool. It was on the pricy side, but worth every dollar! My appointment also came with a refreshing margarita (Thank you John!)

An art table kept them busy and I have to say they were quite creative!

Of course they loved being down by the river. Whenever they saw a raft coming they would run down and grab their squirt guns.

We told them to try and roll that huge rock in the river… good entertainment for us!

And of course they rode their bikes and scooters around the campground… around and around and around and around!!

I loved having these kids join us, and I’m pretty sure they loved it too!

All ready to raft down the river.
Don’t worry… Gio is a very good driver!