I Couldn’t Resist!

Happy Birthday (two days late) to my baby sister!

Sunday was our Annual Joe Burch Family Reunion. There was lots of visiting, laughing, swimming and relaxing. Oh… there were also sack races.

When looking at the pictures after I got home, I was dying laughing over these pictures of Joyce. I know there is probably going to be hell to pay for posting these, but I couldn’t resist!

The boys look like they can’t believe Joyce is going to race… DO THEY NOT KNOW THEIR AUNT JOYCE???!!

Joyce… when you are thinking of my revenge just remember how much I love you!!

Birthday Twins

Birthday Twins

HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY to Logan. I thought and thought but I can’t put into words what this child means to me. He gives his mom and dad a run for their money… but he couldn’t be more precious. He’s rough and tough, sweet and kind. When I have him at my house just out of the blue he’ll say.. “Grandma“… I say “what Logan?”.

I love you!

I love you too sweet boy, I love you too. Happy Birthday!

Today is also my brother (from another mother) Bill’s birthday. We surprised him with a cake at our Family Reunion Sunday. HAPPY (70th) BIRTHDAY BILL!

Bill surrounded by his “Jackson 5” grandchildren.


I got to watch Natalie play softball on Thursday. She started out as catcher, but midway through the first inning when the starting pitcher was struggling, Natalie did a fast change and warmup and starting pitching. She quickly got her team out of a bases loaded situation. I was super impressed with her pitching ability.

Her eyes! She never lost focus.

Great job #2!

Play Ball… Finally!!

It was a long year, but kids are finally back on the fields playing ball… and family and friends get to sit in the stands and cheer them on!

Saturday I was at Bel Passi watching Jackson. I sent him a text before the game letting him know that it was going to hurt me to cheer for the Dodgers… but I would just for him! (I made sure to wear a Giants shirt so no one got the wrong idea about my allegiance!)

Little boys… no matter how serious the game, they always have a smile and a wave for their mom!

If you think these pictures are a little “wonky” or “fuzzy” it’s because I had to shoot through the chain link fence. Considering this, I was actually happy how they turned out.

Oh Deer!

When the deer came to our campsite I overheard Dave say to Janet… “I bet you $100 Judy gets her camera.”

Well that’s a sure bet!!

Sorry there are so many pictures but these guys were great posers. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Morning Light

I probably should be keeping my favorite RV parks a secret so it’s easier to get a reservation, but you all are my friends, so I have to share.

Clio’s River’s Edge RV Park (by Graeagle) is edging towards the top of my list of favorite places to go.

I’ve posted before about my early morning walks while RVing, and here’s another. On this morning there was some fog which created a beautiful first morning light.

When I got back, these guys were hanging out behind our RV. They came every day, and are one of the reasons I loved this place so much!

Cousin Love

My cousin Robert is here visiting from Washington D.C. That was excuse enough to have a get-together with my cousins so we could all visit with him during the short time he is here. The lunch was good… but that wasn’t important. The weather could have been a bit cooler… but that didn’t matter either.

Maybe a year without a family reunion and visits made this day even more special. Whatever the reason, it was a perfect, beautiful day to spend with the cousins I grew up with and love.

My mom and Aunt Pat are the only two left from their generation. We were blessed to have them here enjoying the day with us.


Cousins, spouses, mom and Aunt Pat.

Notice Kari (with her Cone of Shame) in the bottom right corner. I guess she didn’t want to be left out!

Preston Castle

A little over an hour away in the small town of Ione in Amador County is Preston School of Industry. Better known as Preston Castle, it was a reform school for delinquent boys. Construction was finished in 1890, and the institution was opened in June 1894 when seven wards were transferred there from San Quentin State Prison.

The State of California closed this Youth Correctional Facility in 1960.  It deteriorated over the years.  Preston Castle is listed as a California State Historical Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  In 2014, the property was deeded to the Preston Castle Foundation, which through volunteers, planned events and public relations activities is making efforts to preserve and rehabilitate the Castle.

At its peak, the school employed 200 staff and housed 800 troubled boys and young men from all over the state. 

Dave and I had a reservation on Saturday to tour Preston Castle. I had been there before with my photo friend, Darlene. Then we were allowed to tour the opened sections of the castle by ourselves to take pictures. While that was a wonderful experience, I liked this tour better. The docents were so knowledgeable and anxious to share that knowledge with us. The history was so interesting… but then I love this kind of stuff.

These are some pictures of the outside of Preston Castle. If you ever drive through Ione and look up… you can’t miss it. I highly recommend taking a tour sometime!