RZR Ride

Natalie will be ten soon so Nicole asked me to take some pictures. We started in the cherry orchard then moved to their ATV track for pictures of Natalie with her dirt bike. Soon Nick and the boys joined us because, well, this is their play yard. Nick came in his RZR.

After pictures Nicole asked if I wanted a ride. Sure??? Nick asked if I wanted the wild ride or a safer one. I’ll take the wild one??

I was hanging on the minute I got in and never let go. I couldn’t hear him, but at one point he pointed at the speedometer so I could see that we were going over 80mph… thru the orchard! When he said wild, he meant it. But it was SOOOOO much fun and I had complete trust in him.

Thank you Nick… Let’s do it again!!

And thank you Nicole for grabbing my camera and taking these pictures!

Two Way Street

Knowing how much I love a good burger Nicole asked if I wanted to have lunch at a place in El Dorado that her mom had recommended.

Is that even a question???

So mom, Joyce and I drove to Nicole’s in Stockton where the four of us then drove to Big Red’s in El Dorado. It was a beautiful day, and even though eating inside was an option we chose a table in their outdoor patio to soak in the sun. And as predicted, the hamburger (and Bloody Mary) was delicious, but it was the company that made the day so great.

Later Nicole posted on her Instagram… My cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing from spending the day with those that remind me of my Mom the most.

Nicole… it is a two way street. I can’t tell you how much YOU remind US of Nancy and we loved spending the day with you. Thank you!

“Send Me A Picture”

Send me a picture of Kari was the text a few weeks ago from my friend Lori.

My friendship with Lori started at Sonoma School where she was the contracted art teacher. (Best art teacher bar none!!) Fast forward… Lori now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she continues her art with commissions mostly from people wanting a forever memory of their beloved fur babies. Her work is fabulous. So when she asked for a picture of Kari I was overwhelmed.

Of course I sent more than one picture. “Which is your favorite?” she wanted to know. “You have the artist eye, Lori. You decide.”

A few weeks later when the package arrived I tore into it. A little bird squeal actually came out of my mouth when I saw Kari Lou’s portrait. It is BEAUTIFUL! It captures her exactly and I LOVE that it shows her snaggle tooth!

painting by Lori Snable

Lori asked for a photo of Kari posing with her portrait. If you know Kari, you know this isn’t an easy feat. If she doesn’t want to do something she will let you know (with the threat of a bite). But after about 100+ treats I finally got Kari to pose next to her painting.

She’s a little older now and her hair is cut a little shorter.

This is the photograph I sent of Kari that Lori chose to paint from.

I can’t thank you enough Lori. I have her portrait hanging so it is one of the first things people see when they walk into my house. Kari Lou is my little girl and this painting will keep her with me forever.

Check out Lori’s other pet portraits on her Instagram: @lori.snable.artwork or her website: http://lorisnable.com

Maybe you want a forever memory too!

Fresh Fish and Scenery

I purposely don’t plan for one or two dinners when we RV at Seacliff because we like to go to Whole Foods and the Santa Cruz Wharf to get something fresh for dinner. The Wharf is always a win-win… Dave gets the fish and I take in the scenery. On this day clouds were in my favor… and fresh halibut was our dinner.

Colorful Sky

A typical RV morning for me is to get up a little later than usual, turn on the heater if it’s cold, start the coffee and then enjoy it while catching up on my e-mails or reading a few more chapters in my book. But on this morning at Seacliff when I opened the blinds the colors in the sky beckoned me to grab my camera and take a walk.

The colors were so different depending on which way I was looking. These were all taken on the same morning.

No Fear

While the adults screamed going down the toboggan hill, Logan never uttered a sound. His smile said it all… he wasn’t scared, he was ecstatic!

This little three-year old showed no fear. The faster he went down and the more times he spun the happier he was.

Making Plans

With all the lake closures last summer I never did get a chance to go kayaking.

The day we hiked at Don Pedro it was sunny and warm, and I realized I don’t need to wait until summer to dust off my kayak. The next chance I get… free day with nice weather… I am going. I hope to convince my kayaking friends to join me. Terri, Char, Joyce are you in??